Despre legi romanesti

Which of the two is feared?-the empty water-course of despre legi romanesti, or the channel of the headlong winter torrent?-A maiden smiles at the summer-shrunk brook while she crosses it, but a barbed horse and his rider will fear to stem the wintry flood. Men of Mathravel and Powys, be the dreaded flood of winter-Gwenwyn, son of Cyverliock!-may thy plume be the topmost of its waves. All thoughts of peace, thoughts which, in themselves, were foreign to the hearts of despre legi romanesti warlike British, passed before the song of Cadwallon like dust before the whirlwind, and the unanimous shout of the assembly declared for instant war. The Prince himself spoke not, but, looking proudly around him, flung abroad his arm, as one who cheers his followers to the attack. The priest, had he dared, might have reminded Gwenwyn, that the Cross which he had assumed on his shoulder, had consecrated his despre legi romanesti to the Holy War, and precluded his engaging in any civil strife. But the task was too dangerous for Father Einions courage, and he shrunk from the hall to the seclusion of his own convent.
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